Ningbo Green-Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a leading Manufacturer of food and drugs with CGMP and American NSF Certificates. We have great advantage in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Herb medicines, Botanic Extracts, Bulk Drugs of Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Preparations and Nutritional Supplements. We have established high technical workshops for botanic extracts and herb effective ingredients, preparation-workshop for Tablets, pallets, Capsules and Pills, also, we have built Row materials-work shop for semisynthetic bulk drugs. 95% of our products are exported and well sold in oversea markets.
  We have national top grade facilities for manufacturing botanic extracts and solid preparations. Our plant is also equipped with world advanced test instruments as follows: 3 sets of AGLIENT 1100 HPLC, 2 sets of SHIMAZU LC10Atvp HPLC, AGLIENT 6890 Headspace GC, AGLINET6890N –5975 GC-MS, THERMO M6AA Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, 2 sets of SHIMAZU UV2501-PC, Infrared Spectropho-tometer, etc. Meanwhile, we have established the Quality Assurance System and Management System according to the standard of CGM.
  We adhere to the business philosophy of " We have what the others don’t have and always be superior in what others achieve" and the concept of high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost management. By widely utilizing advanced technologies and new materials of modern food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other related industries, we have been devoting ourselves to new products development, technology improvement and personnel training as well as the company culture improvement and customer service. Through all of our continuous efforts, we have established the enterprise management of scientific, modern, standardized, to supply both domestic and international customers with high-quality products.
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